Seminar Designs

LeaderStyles - a look at HOW preferred styles of achieving results works

LeadingSmart - Everybody's good at something - tap the power of your genius

LeadingChange - Will you be a leader in charge, or a leader of CHANGE?

LeaderChoices- Choosing the "right" thing to do is not always an easy decision

Creativity - IdeaWorks is our new interactive creativity lab

Motivation - Setting Goals, Achievement and Motivation techniques that get results

Organizational Effectiveness - 3 seminars to help your group GO and Grow!

Centergy - capture the energy of your organization in a fun interactive seminar

Communication - Getting your point across

BASIX Training for Programmers - a comprehensive event management workshop

JumpStart - THE program for event planners and new boards

Publicity & Promotion- What to do 'til the audience gets there!

Team Building - Our Adventure Teambuilding Experience is SERIOUS FUN.

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