Rick Miller

Involve Encourage Include

The credo of Invovle, Encourage - Include is the driving force of Rick Miller . He has worked with thousands of folks from all over the world to see the what, whys and hows of Leadership, Creativity and Organizational Effectiveness. His goal is to help create change that will make a difference.

Rick Miller's extensive educational background includes post-graduate research in Student Development and Social Psychology at the University of South Carolina. He helped develop, graduated from and worked implementing the NACA-USC graduate program in Activities and Entertainment Management. A former Activities and Union director, Rick understands the needs and pressures facing students and staff as they see to make a difference on campus. Since 1983, Rick's Designs for Development seminars, workshops, retreats and conference appearances have provided new ideas and energy for campuses and communities.

Rick works with Retention/Orientation/Leadership at Texas A&M University-Commerce. In this role he is creating new formats and approaches to integrating learning and leadership opportunities into the daily life of the campus. His current project is establishing The Campus Synergy Lab - a state of the art facility that is designed to bring faculty, staff and student organizations together in order to create new programs, conferences and processes to the campus environment.

In addition to working with hundreds of universities across the US, Canada, and Australia - Rick has presented seminars for Panasonic, Texas Hospital Association, Academy of Family Physicians, Health Plus, Mountaineer Petroleum, Consolidated Financial Group and various professional associations.

A key to his effectiveness in working with organizations is that Rick works directly with the people involved in developing the end use program. A few of groups he works with include: Saskatchewan SADD, Chamber of Commerce Leadership, Canadian Youth Against Impaired Driving, Civitan Youth Leadership Institutes, Lion's International Youth Exchange, and Canadian Mental Health's - Friends for Life.

He is the author of many magazine articles on Event Production and Leadership and has developed many training and development resources.

Rick is active with National and International service and professional organizations, and also works on the local level as a volunteer and member. He lives in Commerce, Texas with his wife Belinda and daughter Allie.


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