Recruitment and Retention

We all know that to keep an organization going we need new members. Do you know WHY people join, HOW to get productive members, and most importantly - Ways to Keep them? In this hands-on, exercise oriented seminar we'll explore, analyze and use effective methods of membership development. Topics covered:

  • Developing an organizational profile
  • Raising trust and lowering tension in the recruitment process
  • Questions every new member asks before joining
  • Overcoming objections
  • Non-manipulative recruitment
  • The three most important questions YOU have to answer
  • Why people quit organizations
  • Why people will stick it out during rough times in your organization
  • What to do with new folks
  • The importance of training, cross training and effective delegation
  • Everyday Skills in Leading

    The effective management of an organization requires many skills. This seminar selection explores various ways to get your folks to work as a TEAM, to meet challenges and achieve the purpose of the organization. Participants will learn about:

    Delegation Strategies

    This advanced leader seminar will teach you how to unlock the potential of your team members through:

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