Creativitiy is the key ingredient for successful events.  Without it, you're 
destined to repeat the "same old - same old".  Our workshop/experiences 
for developing creativity and generating new ideas go far beyond the
ordinary "brainstorm" session.

!deaWorks is a real-time creativity lab. 
Plug in the problem, people and parameters and see what happens.  
It's the perfect program for the entire campus. We harness all the senses and 
the power of THINK Teams to come up with solutions for old problems,
ideas for new events and strategies for creating change.
It's not just a seminar, it's truly an experience that ties learning new 
techniques of idea generation to the developing and application of the
idea itself.  When solutions are owned, results are the outcome.
Call Rick at 903.886.3749 to find out more about the details of how to 
make this happen on your campus.

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