Getting the best from your organization!
Did you ever study an OREO® cookie, an M&M®, a fortune cookie, and your 
organization?  They all have something in common.  If you think for a moment, 
you'll see they all have distinctive shapes and exteriors. 
The good stuff that makes them what they are is in the middle.
Today's effective organizations have learned that their strength and continuing success 
comes from the core - their middle, their members.  Leading from the middle is one of the strongest new 
paradigms in business today.  It is the basis of TEAMS, Quality, and increased productivity.  
In this session we will look at the CENTERGY and Synergy of leading.  Members in the middle 
can rise to new levels of participation in your organization when they all work together.  
Topics covered in this session:
This session utilizes several powerful exercises that are highly interactive.  
Please allow time for processing and reflection to maximize the effect of this workshop. 
Yes.... this is the one where we use the Spandex and Plastic Wrap!
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